6 ways to earn money for stay-at-home moms

If you have no prior working experience whatsoever and possess little money to invest in a business, do not fret. There are tens of thousands of women like you who have made the choice to be available at home for their children, to raise them and care for their family and not pursue a full-time career. But if you are hard-pressed for money and wish to work without affecting the balance of your domestic life, then consider these 6 legitimate and flexible work from home jobs for stay at home moms like you.

Babysitting/Dog walking: If you have infants, young children or dogs at home yourself, then getting a license to be a babysitter or dog walker could be pretty appealing to you. An advantage would be that while you earn money for the time spent, your children or dogs would also acquire a friend/playmate in the bargain.

Hairstylist/Beautician/Masseuse: In case you have trained to be a qualified hairstylist or beautician and you wish to pursue that skill, simply open up a part of your home for clients and offer them your services at a time of the day or week when the kids are at school, or when your partner stays home to take care of and spend time with them.

Yoga Teacher/Fitness or Life Coach: Going for walks in the park with your toddler, enjoying a brisk run over the hills, attending an early morning Yoga class, or emotionally motivating your friends and family might be things you would enjoy doing every day. Merely extend that interest to others. Take a professional course in fitness, Yoga or counseling and help others in need. Extend sane fitness advice, develop plans to spread positivity and happiness to people, and help them attain the goals they set for themselves.

Register to be a research respondent: You could choose to answer online surveys, or be a research respondent for leading brands, company websites or new apps. This job entails you to sample products and services and express your candid opinions about them to enable companies to package and promote them to the relevant audiences at the appropriate time.

Be a foreign exchange host: You could establish a registry where people can contact you to be a host for people from other countries. They could be students, artists, or corporate professionals who are visiting your country and might require a place to stay for a few days or weeks. Because you are already running a beautiful home, opening it up to others would make your life interesting and enable you to make new friends from across the world and learn about new cultures in return.

Baker: If you are passionate about cooking food and/or baking confectionary, then you could turn that interest into a profit-making venture. You could take orders from individuals and businesses to deliver food for their special days and events whenever time permits. Being true to age-old recipes while at the same time inventing quirky twists to some dishes can be challenging and fun.

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