Certified Public Accountant Course Offerings

When looking to pursue a career in accounting, one of the most valuable credentials that you can get is the CPA, or certified public accountant, designation. With this particular credential, you will be in a position to advance your career to managerial positions as well as being an independent practitioner. In order to become a certified public accountant, you will need to complete an educational program and pass an exam. The first step in becoming a CPA is to attend college and complete 150 semester units.

One of the best ways to get the required education credits is to receive CPA training online. Like all other college educational programs, you will want to find out the details of any CPA training online program that you wish to enroll in, such as:

1. Schools
There are many schools that you can attend in order to earn the CPA certified public accountant designation. These schools include public state universities, private universities and online colleges. While public and private universities have many advantages, many working adults who are looking to advance their career in accounting will benefit by attending an online college. Many reputable universities offer online degree programs to students who need flexibility in their schedule to complete coursework. Therefore, anyone interested in becoming a CPA will have plenty of educational options available to them.

2. Courses
Whenever you enroll in an accounting degree program and are looking to become a certified public accountant, you will need to make sure that you take the right courses. As stated earlier, you will need to complete about 5 years of coursework in order to be eligible to take the CPA exam. As a student studying accounting, you will need to complete courses in accounting, law, economics, management, marketing, and finance. Most of these courses are in accounting. Many accounting degree programs have five year bachelor’s degree programs along with four year bachelor’s degree programs with one year of graduate level coursework.

3. Tuition and fees
One of the most important things that you will need to consider when getting a degree in accounting is the tuition and fees. College can be quite expensive and so it is a good idea to look for a degree program that is most affordable for you. Fortunately for many prospective students, there are many accounting degree programs that can be completed for under $20,000. As well as a reasonable cost, you can use grants, scholarships and student loans to help finance your degree program. With these financing options, you will be able to more easily manage the tuition and costs associated with any accounting degree program. As a result, getting the education to become a CPA is quite affordable.

4. Career opportunities
An accounting degree along with CPA designation will provide you with many lucrative career opportunities. The designation as a certified public accountant will enable you to become a chief financial officer, controller, and vice president of finance for many companies. You can also become a top financial manager at a non profit organization and government entity as well. Another thing that CPA designation can provide you is the opportunity to start your own business as an independent accountant. Therefore, CPA designation provides you with lots of options when you are looking to have a fulfilling career in the accounting field.

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