Hot Job Prospects for Business Degree Graduates

Known for its versatility, many people are taking up business degree programs. This degree can be taken either at the university, college, or online educational institutions, enabling people all over the world to take the degree without actually physically attending classes on campus. Online business degree programs offer the same job opportunities for students who complete their degree at any recognized educational institution.

There is also an increasing number of companies who desire to hire business graduates. According to the latest statistics, the job market for business grads will continue to expand in the coming years, particularly in the following positions:

1. Management Analyst
This is one of the hottest job opportunities in the market for graduates with a business degree. Also referred to as management consultants, management analysts study the entire structure of a business, ranging from how it operates and what the managers can do to improve staff performance. One of the reasons why many companies hire management analysts is because of their ability to create a detailed plan on how the company can improve productivity and earn more profit. The latest statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (US-BLS) shows that management analysts will experience a 14% growth by 2026.

2. Financial Analyst
More and more students are seeking a degree in business online to become financial analysts. This role provides guidance to a business or an individual concerning how they should manage their money. Many become money management coaches, speaking to a wide range audience about how to invest the money they earn. The latest statistics from the US-BLS predicts that financial analysts will experience an 11% growth by 2026.

3. Marketing Managers
Another great job opportunity for business degree holders is going into marketing management. This role focuses on the marketing and the advertising side of the business. They may be hired through marketing agencies to provide a detailed plan on how the business could succeed using the available marketing and advertising strategies. Opportunities in this job are vast, especially when everything can become viral in a blink of an eye. The latest statistics from the US-BLS find that marketing managers will experience a 10% growth by 2026.

4. Human Resources Managers
This job opportunity is suited to individuals who want to work at the administrative level. HR managers often screen potential employees for the company. The latest statistics from the US-BLS have shown that HR managers will experience a 9% growth by 2026.

5. Sales Managers
Sales managers are responsible for overlooking the sales department of a particular company. Those who have business degrees would have an edge in this position because of the knowledge that they acquired from the educational institution. The latest statistics from the US-BLS have shown that sales manager roles will experience a 7% growth by 2026.

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