Job Opportunities For Early Childhood Education Graduates

As with all other eager graduates, after earning your diploma you have probably delved into an immediate search for career placement. Fortunately, if you have earned your credentials in early childhood education your career options are plentiful. Indeed, U.S. labor statistics show this field is rapidly developing in areas such as cognitive psychology, neurology, and cultural psychology.

Due to more and more diverse students attending preschool (or PreK), the U.S. is in need of more qualified early childhood educators, but educators who can work with a variety of young students from various backgrounds and learning styles. Here are a few job prospects worth considering for early childhood education grads:

1. Preschool teacher
The demand for preschool teachers is at an all-time high, and it is likely to remain that way for many years to come. Most early childhood education graduates thrive in this line of work. In fact, most degree holders of this sort seek employment placement as a pre-kinder educator shortly after graduation. This new beginning is not only a formative period for the student, but it also lays the foundation for the teacher as well. The nature of this career allows the graduate to be one of the first educators to help develop the mind of a child between the ages of three to five. Because teaching must be handled more delicately and animated at this young age, preschool teaching allows for a more upbeat, creative learning environment that makes for an exciting workday.

2. Teacher’s assistant
Becoming a teacher assistant, or TA, is another rewarding career path that many graduates look forward to. This position entails handling classroom tasks such as tutoring students, offering additional help with lessons, grading classwork, and stepping in when the teacher is absent. The TA position gives the recent graduate an inside look at the many details of teaching and maintaining a classroom.

3. Social worker
Depending on your state requirements, additional certifications may be needed in order to work in certain environments. However, becoming a social worker is a viable career option. A social worker with an early childhood education background may work with multiple agencies, schools, and families directly to ensure safe living environments, provide help for troubled youth, and help families attain resources and basic necessities.

4. Childcare
While the conditions of this career may be synonymous to those of a preschool teacher, there are a few differences. A childcare worker often carries a set of duties that are a bit more hands-on. These positions are usually offered in childcare centers and involve meal planning and distribution, grooming in some cases (such as changing diapers and swapping clothes in case of an accident), and keeping a keen eye on the development of the children. Becoming a childcare center director is also a possibility in this field.

5. English language teacher
Due to a large number of children born with learning disabilities or with English as a second language, the English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher position is one that is worth looking into. This title requires the graduate to help those who need extra assistance to learn and retain the english language.

The great thing about earning a degree in early childhood education is that there is a multitude of career paths that you can travel. Though the bulk of your studies may have been within the confines of education, you can still find employment in other fields if teaching isn’t your forte.

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