Job Opportunities for Public Administration Grads

Earning a Public Administration BA helps prepare students to work in careers related to public policy and its implementation. Many positions for those successfully completing a degree in Public Administration BA level will find positions in civil service at local, state, and federal government levels. There are various specializations within a Public Administration degree program that will broaden opportunities for graduates. Graduates with a degree in Public Administration may find opportunities to apply their knowledge in different departments within a company or government agency. Public Administration graduates may work in marketing, human resources, employee development, health care related, education related, law enforcement administration or correctional management among others.

Here are some additional opportunities for public administration grads:

1. Go into business
Professionals with a degree in Public Administration BA level may work in a business environment. Such professionals may work in profit or non-profit companies. Their focus may be in assisting in developing policies, managing teams of employees or possibly be effective and reliable leaders within the business. A background in sales or service could help in obtaining better paying jobs in the business world.

2. Seek government roles
On the local government level, graduates with a degree in public administration may find themselves working in positions in housing, human resources, social services, police, corrections, legislative or other aspects of local government. Obtaining a position at the local or state level may be easier to obtain than positions in the federal government which tend to be more competitive. A position at the local or state level may garnish sufficient experience combined with the educational background to obtain a position in the federal government which generally pays better and may have better benefits than either state or local government.

3. Take a job in education
Others with a degree in Public Administration may choose to pursue a career in the field of education. Opportunities may be available in administrative positions such as school superintendent, development of curriculum positions, or other leadership positions within the school. These opportunities may be in high school, junior high school, or elementary school levels.

4. Help others in healthcare
Still, others with a degree in Public Administration may find opportunities in the healthcare field. A degree in public administration can assist in health care administration positions in the areas of billing, budgeting, and management. They may also be spokespersons for hospitals, health care facilities or insurance companies. Working in the healthcare field may also provide opportunities to develop policy and implement in a manner that conforms to legal requirements but also in a manner that is most helpful to the company.

5. Education online
One may earn BA online in Public Administration or through more traditional in classroom settings. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Obviously choosing to earn BA online allows more flexibility. However the so called college experience may be sacrificed. Still, for those who aren’t concerned with that experience you will likely be able to save a lot of money by pursuing your degree online since housing expenses, food, etc will likely be paid for while working as you pursue the degree.

6. Salary expectations
Salaries for those who earn a BA in Public Administration range greatly. Someone with a Human Resources focus will likely be in the $59,000 per year range while those who work their way into top executive positions may be paid in excess of $100,000 per year.

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