Master of Law (LLM) Career Opportunities

For those seeking law degrees online, you may come across two main degree types. A Master of Law LLM (or Latin Legum Magister) is different than a Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree in that it is meant specifically for those who want to become a lawyer. People who obtain an MSL often go on to work in business, education, government, or other careers that involve a deep understanding of the legal system. People who seek an LLM, on the other hand, are almost always on a career path to become a lawyer of some kind.

There is still a diverse array of career opportunities available for those who complete an LLM degree, including:

1. Become a lawyer
The first and most obvious career option with a Master of Law LLM is to pass the bar exam and become a lawyer, often with the ultimate goal of becoming a partner at a law firm. Specialties of an LLM degree vary greatly, such as constitutional law, criminal law, family law, environmental law, international law, and a great many others. Becoming a lawyer gives one the opportunity for tremendous financial earning potential as well as an exciting career.

2. Take a judgeship
Some people also use their LLM as a step towards becoming a judge. The career path of a judge is a long one, requiring several years spent working as an attorney before the chance to be elected as a judge. As the overseer and ultimate decision-maker in court cases, an intimate understanding of the law and the inner working of a court and the justice system are all vital components in becoming a judge. Becoming a judge gives one the opportunity to hold a position of power and prestige, as well as be able to practice law by making important decisions and supporting justice.

3. Take a political position
Finally, an LLM degree can be used as a stepping stone towards a career as a politician. From senators to presidents of countries, almost all politicians have a strong legal background. While a formal education in law is not a strict requirement of most political positions, many prominent political figures have obtained law degrees prior to their careers. A political career track can lead any number of ways, and will often give one the opportunity for an exciting career in the public eye.

Getting a law degree offers many more career opportunities than simply becoming a lawyer, and there are many ways to achieve a fulfilling career in law. One of the best ways to start on the path to a great number of these careers is to work towards getting a Master of Law LLM. Seeking law degrees online is an excellent start in the direction of any of these career opportunities.

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