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The Importance of Project Management Training

There are some who feel that when it comes to project management training just about anyone can do it. Those people believe that training requires no skill and that it is simply a menial or mundane task. That is not the case. In fact, one of the top reasons a project fails is due to communication issues. However, a true leader can communicate effectively in all ways, including verbal and written, group and one-on-one person.

A project manager acts as the touchpoint for a group or department, providing transparent and real time communication for all aspects of project development. Here are the skills required to be an effective project manager:

1. Approachability
First and foremost, project managers should be approachable to everyone involved in a project. The team should respect your position, and you can build that respect by making yourself available to all team members, be a team player who brings the team together, and conduct yourself professionally in all aspects of a project, from the front lines to the boardroom.

2. Conflict resolution
A big responsibility for project managers is handling inner team conflicts, which is why you should be able to address conflict and resolve conflict fairly and quickly to get the team back to the task at hand.

3. Provide mentorship
While a major goal is to keep a project on track so it’s completed on time. Project managers who make demands and dictate to others are never very effective. How you motivate your team to get the task done is equally important. Effective project managers motivate, they don’t dictate, which gets the most productive, timely work from all team members, every day.

4. Risk management
Risk management refers to predicting and creating effective solutions to issues before they crop up and stall the project at hand. Good project managers are able to navigate risk and uncertainty while also alleviating the fears of all team members to get the best work out of them that is possible.

5. Negotiation
While negotiation may be considered part of overall communication, knowing how to effectively negotiate all aspects of a project, including schedules, scope, budget, and resources so all moving parts are satisfied is an essential skill for a project manager.

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