The Most In Demand Post-Graduate Certificate Programs

According to Trading Economics, the millennial unemployment rate has been on the rise from 8.1% in November 2018 to 8.70% in December 2018. While a myriad of factors may cause this, one thing is common—the ever-changing demands of companies and the consumers. To remain in a particular field, you have to feed your mind with new knowledge. For instance, taking a course in petroleum production may give you a job as per the current demands, but several years down, you’ll be out of a job since new eco-friendly fuels have an enormous market.

Nonetheless, it is not a secret that graduating with a degree doesn’t guarantee a job. In fact, 3.6% of graduates in the U.S. are out of a job. However, there are several ways to fit in the ever-changing job market by advancing your career. Having a postgraduate course will not only enhance your skill, but it will also allow you to stand out in a job interview. Here are 5 in demand post graduate certificate programs to choose from:

1. Postgraduate certificate in deep learning
Technology is the future. With many jobs on the brink of being declared redundant, any course in computer science may help you evolve. One field that may do the trick is a postgraduate certificate in deep learning. This is an online continuing education that seeks to teach students how to create deep learning algorithms using python. The concept behind this course is to help solve complex problems that AI software has issues with.

2. Postgraduate certificate in data analysis
The world economic forum estimates that data analysis will lead in demand as the most sought out skill in the globe. While more and more businesses are struggling to add more profits, some have found a way to add new customers and remain afloat with the changing times. Data analysis post graduate certificate programs have several disciplines, but the most common are data mining, machine learning, business intelligence and strategy and market-related data analytics. These disciplines help in forecasting different aspects of the business. For instance, market-related data analytics uses external data related to consumers and then track their performance while finding new opportunities.

3. Postgraduate courses in marketing
Forbes estimates that in every ten businesses eight will fail. While a myriad of factors may cause this, one thing can boost their growth—marketing. The millennial generation is one versatile generation that seeks not to settle for less,which is why many choose to quit working for traditional businesses to start their own companies. Yearly, over 627,000 businesses begin and with that vast number raises the need for a marketing plan that seeks to find new opportunities. A postgraduate course in marketing can help you find employment or better yet understand the basics when starting a marketing agency.

4. Postgraduate course in environmental management
With global warming discussion taking effect more than ever, there is a growing demand for countries and companies to acknowledge sustainable ways to reduce its impact. Environmental management is an online continuing ed that seeks to educate students on eco-friendly ways to handle industrial and solid wastes. Additionally, they are also taught on advanced pollution and air quality control.

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