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The Perks of Doing Distance Education Abroad

Distance learning is a new way of going to college for the Internet age. Starting from the turn of the millennium, many academic institutions throughout the world have become enamored with the potential of the Internet. MIT’s OpenCourseWare is one such example. MIT has started providing many of their campus courses online, available free to anyone. This whole new way of distributing knowledge has even led to online only institutions, such as Khan Academy.

In addition, many people have been unable to go to college for various reasons. These can be as simple as life getting in the way, such as living expenses or a full schedule everyday. There can also be transportation issues, including traffic problems, high gas prices, or just not being able to move close enough to campus. There are as many people who simply value the convenience, flexibility, and style of education offered by distance learning courses. Distance learning can help solve these issues and many more:

1. You don’t have to be physically on campus
First and foremost, distance education was about distance. It started being provided as a way for people to take courses even if they were not able to go to campus directly. If there are any issues with living on or near campus, distance learning is the only real option. From these roots however, distance learning has grown to be more about flexibility and availability.

2. Earn degrees concurrently
This means that introduction courses or other required basic courses, are frequently available for distance learning. This also helps address the old problem of having dozens of students in a giant classroom. Another of the benefits of online learning is that colleges have a much easier time cooperating now. Some universities have even started offering their courses at local community colleges. Students can start their university degrees while fulfilling the basic course requirements at their local college.

3. Course work is flexible
Distance learning is not only about location. The courses are usually much more flexible for a given schedule than would otherwise be possible. After each week’s curriculum is posted, students can watch the lectures and read the notes when they have the time available. This allows for a much more balanced lifestyle, rather than trying to always cram your day-to-day events into a tight schedule.

4. Organize your school schedule to suit your personal schedule
Students can organize their study time each week when most convenient. More importantly, they can gain access to the lectures when they want, rewatching any parts that are difficult. Even asking for help is much easier with email and online forums, rather than waiting for class to speak with a professor.

The exact benefits that distance learning can provide really depend on the person. For many, it is a convenient way to add classes that are hard to schedule. Others prefer to do their work online when they have free time. Distance education can provide many opportunities for anyone with the self discipline to work on their own time.

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