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The Top Online Degrees for Single Parents and Caregivers

Today, single parents attempting to go to college have many choices. There are so many classes available for parents to take even if they are unable to attend a traditional university or college campus.

There are many benefits to earning a degree online for full time caregivers, or parents who must maintain a full time job while learning. Learning online means you do not have to sacrifice the time you have with your children, or commute long distances, or even move away from them to attend school. In fact, online learning means you also don’t have to leave your kids with someone else in the evening hours to physically attend classes. Here are some great online degrees for single parents and caregivers:

1. Teaching
For many a degree in education is attractive if they aspire to become teachers. There are many opportunities for teaching, which range from college diplomas to university degrees, such as:

  • Early childhood education
  • Elementary school
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • College instructor
  • Adult educator
  • English as a second language instructor

2. Accounting
Single parents with a mind for math might consider accounting, which is an in-demand career with plentiful job opportunities. In fact, job prospects for accountants are excellent for the foreseeable future. If you desire to work in a business environment, seek a degree in certified public accounting (CPAs), which offers a ton of flexibility. All you need to do is sign up for an online accounting program to prepare you for the Uniform CPA Examination, which is the CPA license.

3. Dental assistant
Dental assistants are the dentist’s right hand. They also provide assist dentists during procedures (i.e., cavity filling, oral surgery, and tooth restoration), care for dental equipment, manage patient files, and helping with general office duties. To become a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), you’ll first require a degree in Dental assistance from a certified college. From there, you’ll take the CDA credential, as administered by the Dental Assisting National Board.

4. Health Information Technician (HIT)
Careers in medical records and health information are fast-expanding. If you’re interested in working in medical records or billing, you’ll need to earn a degree in health information technology. HITs are vital to a wide range of hospitals, doctor’s offices, community clinics, private clinics, and more, where they manage patient records and provide essential medical information to medical staff.

5. Paralegals
Once referred to as legal assistants, paralegals help prepare lawyers for procedures, trials, and mediation. If you have a passion for the law, you’ll love putting your mind to case analysis and drafting arguments for legal teams to go to trial. Before becoming a paralegal, you’ll need a degree in paralegal studies.

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