The Top Teaching Jobs for Second Careers

Working in a school environment is one of the most rewarding experiences. Many second-career teachers end up being among the best in the field. Unlike the people who graduate out of college as teachers and join the workforce, there is a unique set of experiences that second career teachers bring to the table, as well as a refreshing worldview and perspective. If you are insightful, enjoy interacting with people, and imparting knowledge, maybe it is time to think about a career change.

Here are five teaching-related careers that you could take up as a second career while you learn online:

1. Become a school counselor
School guidance and counseling programs are critical in helping teenagers crossover to become school counsellors. School counselors mentor and guide kids who are struggling with identity, trying to fit in, having interpersonal issues, challenging home environments, make course decisions, decide on further education, avoid stress-induced behaviors, and so much more. To become a school counselor, you will need training and an internship as a counselor.

2. Take a librarian role
The most rewarding thing about being a librarian is that you will be helping people find the information they need. Of course, there are other perks of being a librarian, such as the fact that you will constantly be learning new things, you will enjoy a quiet and peaceful working environment and will develop useful skills. Working in the library is one of the best career changes for people who want to work in academia without having to teach.

3. Support as an assistant teacher
As an assistant teacher, you will be simplifying the teaching process by creating an enabling environment for the main teacher to connect with learners. You will perform duties such as taking the register, grading tests and homework and monitoring the behavior of students in the classroom. To become one, you will need an associate degree in education. It is quite easy to register for one of the many online education programs and earn this qualification.

4. Become a school principal
There are two skill sets that successful school principals normally have, good administration skills and the interpersonal skills to handle students, teachers, and parents. If you have worked in administration and feel like you would excel in interpersonal transactions, you can get into one of the many online educational programs where you can learn these skills and join the field.

5. Take a technical education teacher role
Technical education teachers are some of the best-paid professionals in the field. To join a career in technical education, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree in the subject you want to teach via online teaching degrees or regular colleges and get a student teaching internship. There are also state required exams before you can be formally employed.

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