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Top Online Degree Training Programs for Second Careers

The world is changing daily, and so many people are eager to enter into different career paths as the economic trend shifts from one industry to the next. Many find that their interests are leading them toward an unrelated profession for which they may need another degree, or advanced training. Advanced technologies, such as online learning, have made it easy to obtain a degree, or the necessary training needed to pursue a second career.

Some of the most popular online degree training programs include, but are not limited to the following fields of study:

1. Business Administration
Business administration is probably the most sought after online degree program because many of the principles learned can be used in many different aspects of many different jobs. For instance, many business admin grads go onto jobs in product manager, purchaser, sales representative, retail merchandiser, account manager, advertising and public relations representative, marketing researcher/marketers/marketing specialists, product/service positions, and even become small business owners.

2. Criminal justice
Criminal Justice online programs have increased because the academic disciplines can also be used for the sciences, law, psychology, and sociology. This program can prepare students for various career options within the criminal justice system. For instance, many grads become private detectives, police officers, probation officers, forensic techs, security guards, state troopers, correctional officers, or fish and game wardens.

3. Nursing
Nursing programs are experiencing increased enrollment online because this is considered to be the number one occupation in the nation today. The courses consists of hard and soft sciences with clinical training done at local medical facilities usually once weekly. Nurses are now administering patient care, and treatment in a growing digital setting. The pay scale for nurses is also at an all time high.

4. Education
As a second career choice, many students are choosing online education courses. A degree in education will offer many benefits, as well as potential jobs as an educational administrator, community education officer, early years teacher, english language teacher, primary school teacher, mentor, or education consultant.

5. Healthcare administration
Roles in healthcare administration are experiencing tremendous growth making it a popular second degree program option. As with nursing, the medical profession is growing, and good medical professionals need good administrators. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expect a 17% growth in the employment levels of medical administrators through 2024.

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