Top-Ranked Online Schools for Business Management

A degree in business management prepares students for an array of positions in the business world—such as departmental manager, human resources, marketing manager, supervisory positions, and sales manager among other managerial positions. However, you may not suspect that this degree isn’t only for professionals who desire to manage others. The education you’ll receive with a business management degree is so versatile, it can prepare you for a wide variety of roles that may also include business analyst and financial analyst, which include the gathering and assessing of valuable data to help fix issues and procedures within companies.

Today, it’s much more flexible and cost-effective to earn a business management degree online, especially if you have to continue to work full time or provide childcare. If you are interested in enrolling online, here are the top-ranked online schools for business management across the U.S.:

1. University of Alabama, Collat Business School
The degree program concentrates on Human Resource and General management. The two cover courses such as leadership, employment law, operations management among many other units.

2. Northeastern University
The school undergraduate program majors on operations, management duties, and skills. It covers units such as project management and marketing with various other courses. It can be completed within 18 months.

3. Colorado State University
The Global campus business school program includes units such as statistics, finance, and marketing. The program majors on project management, marketing, and administration. 120 credit hours are needed for you to graduate.

4. University of Findlay
The program from the school consists of 63 semester hours which is 124 credit hours. The course also majors in environmental safety, emergency operations, health care administration, and business management

5. Ohio Christian University
The course combines with Christian principles in business practices. Students are taught to apply the Christian perspective while they start practicing business. The core course of the degree consists of 45 credit hours. Some of the units include economics, introduction to theology, Christian excellence and business law among others.

5. University of Minnesota Crookston
The degree course mainly aims at entrepreneurship. It also instills skills in business technology, critical thinking, and togetherness. It also offers environmental and ethical values. 120 hours are needed for a student to graduate. The skills acquired from these courses can be used in managerial positions. Some of the courses include managerial finance, marketing principles, analytics, and others.

6. Champlain College
Their PATHe program offers students more experience in courses they had done earlier including military training and career training. The course has 30 credit hours with 120 hours needed for a student to graduate. Programs offered include financial accounting, corporate finance, critical marketing

7. Northwest Missouri State University
Students who acquire this program are given the skills to work on the food industry, healthcare, public management, and real estate management and in other areas. The main classes include business law, labor economics, business and society and management in operations.

8. Granite State College
The primary course function is to give the student preparedness in managerial positions and knowledge on leadership, finance, conflict resolutions, world business, and human resources.

9. Western Governors University
This university also features in the top online schools for business management. The specific lessons in the program include economics, accounting, ethics, and business law. The student study general and specific classes. To graduate, 121 credit hours are required.

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